Exquisite Quality Rottweilers

Our Approach

At DuPree's we spoil our babies.  Our rotties are tough and love to play and we love to play with them.  Rotties are worker dogs and love to work just as much as they love to play which is something we encourage our owners to explore and develop.  Rotties are also very laid back and perceptive - they observe EVERYTHING.

DuPree's has been breeding and studding Rotties for over 15 years and the care we take in our dogs is evident in their coat and their demeanor.  We provide our owners with all the documentation they need to feel confident they have the quality purebred they want and deserve. We care for our dogs with the best and we provide our purchasers with product recommendations and tips upon purchase so they too can raise a healthy, strong, lovable Rottie.


Loving Loyalty of The Beautiful Rottweiler

Our Story

Mr. DuPree first began breeding Rotties after raising German Shepherds and Chows for some time.  He found that the laid back nature and the eagerness to please of the Rottie made them an all around better fit for him. Rotties exemplified all the good traits of both the German Shepherd and the Chow with their only negative being they are just plain tough.  So tough that you really have to observe them to discover if they are hurt. They are hard workers and never complain so having a keen eye is important when raising them.

DuPree fell in love with Rottweilers immediately with his first purchase. Rotties are protective, loyal, affectionate, playful and full of energy. They are sharp and quickly sense the energy and the demeanor of those around.  You never have to worry about feeling safe when your Rottie is nearby.  DuPree has learned from some of the best quality breeders in the business and adapted some of their best practices.  DuPree's is a AKC member and believes in the quality care of all pets - especially his Rotties!

Meet the Owner

Anthony DuPree is the owner and operator of DuPree's Rottweiler Breeding and Stud services. A small kennel that has been in business for over 15 years. DuPree is a well known breeder in Eastern North Carolina with satisfied customers across the country.

Rottweiler puppies, Responsibly bred puppies

Mr DuPree is a multitalented businessman. A kind of a jack of all trades.  But breeding Rottweilers is something he does because he just enjoys the dogs.  He loves what he does and it shows in the care he takes with each.

Next Steps...

You know you want that perfect pet.  One that will protect your home and your family.  One that is loyal and true and loveable too.  Give us a call - we're waiting to hear from you!