Your New Rottie

When taking your new Purebred Rottie home please keep in mind that your puppy is a baby and has a very weak immune system if taken home at less than 12 weeks old.

Until the puppy is 12 weeks old it is better the puppy not become exposed to other pets including puppies in your home. Their immunes system is still developing and until the puppy has had its 4th parvo shot exposing them to other pups prior to this puts your Rottie at risk for a multitude of diseases and even death.

Our Promise to YOU

DuPree's Purebred Rottweilers are given their parvo shot  6 weeks and 9 weeks. We don't allow our pups to leave our kennel younger than 8 weeks of age.  This is so that we can ensure their optimum health at the time of purchase and/or pickup.

Owner Responsibility

Continued health and development

As the owner of a beautiful purebred German Rottweiler you are advised to have your pup seen by a vet as soon as possible within 72 hours of purchase, and ensure that your new purebred receives all of their remaining shots. Additional parvo shots should be administered to your pups at 12 weeks and 15 weeks of age.

Separation Anxiety

When your new family member arrives at their new home pay close attention. This will be their first time away from their siblings and mom.  Therefore the pup may show signs of depressions due to separation anxiety and being out of their familiar environment.  Not to worry though just spending quality time playing with your pup and allowing them to experience the things they love when they are with their new family (such as tummy rubs and scratches on that weak spot just behind the ears) will quickly turn separation anxiety to joy and contentment is a few short weeks.

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